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As COVID-19 continues to impact our neighborhoods and the world,  the health and safety of our patients remain our top priority.  To that end,  Dr. Franklin is only seeing current and past clients until further notice.  To schedule an appointment,  please call or schedule an appointment here at drchristofranklin.com.

You are not alone

Feel like you’re in a constant struggle with worry…with ​low motivation…with ​panic…with unpredictable moods…or with your past? Is the daily struggle​ dragging down your quality of life like an anchor?

Are you in a relationship where you feel you’re not being heard, or you’re tired of the same issues coming up, or someone has been unfaithful​ and you agonize over how could you ever rebuild what you two had before?

I can help. Doesn’t matter if you walk in the vanilla world or not. No judgments.

Meet Dr. Franklin

When I was a young man, there were times when I needed to talk with someone who would listen without judging me. For me, that person was my Episcopal priest. He helped me much over the years, and so after I graduated from college, I decided I wanted to be like him.

After I studied to be a priest, I realized that what I liked best about being a priest was doing counseling. So after couple of years as a hospice chaplain, I decided to go back to school to study to be a clinical psychologist.

Now I help people just like you find a way to a better place emotionally and psychologically. Everyone’s path is different, but no one should have to find their way all alone.

Please contact me to schedule your first session. With two convenient office locations in the downtown Los Angeles area, the next step on your path is just a button click away…

Specializing in…

Anxiety, Trauma, EMDR

If you are having problems with anxiety or trauma, let’s do an evaluation. After evaluating what kind of problems you are having, I can offer you treatment options and a description of how we might proceed.

EMDR begins with teaching you how to soothe your nervous system’s triggers for anxiety. Between sessions, you practice doing soothing techniques, and just like getting into ​a habit of exercising causes your body to change positively, consistently practicing these soothing techniques causes your nervous system to change positively.

Couples Counseling (three kinds)

Emotion-Focused Couples Counseling is for couples wanting to stay together.

Discernment-Couples Counseling is for couples where at least one person is uncertain about whether to remain in the relationship.

EMDR Counseling for Couples is for couples where a traumatic past is affecting the relationship.

Child Adoption Evaluation

Dr. Franklin is an experienced psychological evaluator and familiar with the instruments identified by the Indian adoption authority to be used for such an evaluation. For example, Dr. Franklin has written over 100 reports using the MMPI-2-RF (the MMPI type tests satisfy the Indian specification) while certified by the state of California Division of Worker Compensation medical unit as a qualified medical evaluator.

Sugaring, Circles, & other Non-Vanilla Careers

Okay. You’ve found a career you like better than the vanilla alternatives—or maybe you’re still deciding—and even though you love things about it, you’re also faced with problems.

  • Are you torn about wanting money and adventure because you worry about missing out on love in a non-vanilla relationship?
  • Do you have a hard time figuring out what to do about your parents and family? Do they ask you for money
  • Are you feeling ​​guilt because of your choice?
  • Ever find making a decision about a SD confusing because of your feelings…maybe about boundaries on your time or whether to marry?
  • Are you feeling ​lonely because you can’t share your successes and worries?

No judgments, just support and tools to help you thrive.