Emotion Focus Couples Counseling - Dr. Christo Franklin


Not every couple seeking counseling is in the same situation. That’s why Dr. Franklin offers—in office or in home—three kinds of counseling for couples. So which is right for you?

Discernment counseling – for when at least one person in the couple is on the fence or leaning toward ending the relationship.

This is a kind of counseling that lasts for a few sessions and is focused on helping the person on the fence to get clarity about which of three options they want to choose next: continue as things are, end the relationship, or commit to trying to change the relationship so that it would become what he or she really wants.

Emotion Focused Couples Therapy – for when both persons want to keep the relationship but need help with conflicts or with recovering from an infidelity.

Conflicts are actually attempts to emotionally connect, but they turn out destructively. Then emotional hurts and injuries start piling up. Resentments, frustrations, and hopelessness result, poisoning the next attempt to communicate about the problem. This therapy is highly researched for turning this pattern around.

Infidelity causes huge emotional hurt and damages trust in the relationship. The solution is not just to “communicate better;” there are real emotional issues to deal with. Emotion Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT) does that and reveals the answer to how you can, as a couple, continue forward without feeling as though there will forever be a dead body in your living room that you keep having to step over.

EMDR Couples Therapy – for when the immediate problem for a couple is that at least one person has been traumatized.

This usually shows up as one person reacting to current situations with more fear, anger, or avoidance than the situation seems to call for. Traumatized persons may repeatedly have angry outbursts, out-of-proportion reactions to situations, difficulty calming down, and a tendency to react to a present situation because it reminds that person of something from earlier in life, often having to do with how he or she grew up.

Couples Counseling in your home?

Yes, for some couples living in downtown Los Angeles, Dr. Franklin can come to your home for sessions. However, it is important that you consider whether my coming to your home will pose problems for your confidentiality. How is the sound insulation in your home? Are there other sources of disruption at your home? In certain cases, the convenience of a home session is outweighed by other factors. Yet for some, being able to put their toddlers or infants down for a nap and not have to leave them or find childcare elsewhere for them makes in-home sessions a good fit.