For the Non-Vanilla Career - Dr. Christo Franklin


Okay. You’ve found a career you like better than the vanilla alternatives—or maybe you’re still deciding—and even though you love things about it, you’re also faced with problems.

  • Do you ask yourself, “Am I going to have to choose between romantic love and a sugaring career?”  
  • Do you have a hard time figuring out what to do about your parents and family?
  • Has your income created new problems? Are others’ now expecting you to pay for things or lend them money?
  • Are you ever troubled about your spending or saving pattern?
  • Do you find it embarrassing to return items to the store or to say you don’t want to buy something even if you really don’t want it?
  • Ever find making a decision about a SD confusing because of your feelings… May be about boundaries on your time or whether to marry?
  • Does it feel lonely sometimes because you cannot really share your successes and your worries with those whom you’d most want to know?


No judgments, just support and tools to help you thrive.